Oil Painting
Recognized for an engaging style of Impressionistic landscapes and still lifes, Brian’s traditional oils–even the smallest ones–stand out in a gallery. But this versatile painter’s wild imagination and sense of humor can also be a rich source of the whimsical and unexpected. (“Is that a Nutcracker from Satan Claus?”)The member artists and regulars at Art Plus may never know where Brian’s creative fervor will take him next, but the results are always rewarding. If you think you see a strong element of enthusiasm in his work–like he’s truly, finally enjoying what he’s doing– you’re right.
Brian’s artistic talent was obvious from the time he could hold a crayon. He excelled at it through his education, and kept a hand in fine art during his 20-year career as a commercial artist and illustrator.  When he left advertising to help with family business, he hung up his brushes for a while. But he found his way back to the canvas, and has devoted himself to his art ever since.

Work is currently displayed in
The Art and Craft Gallery of Hamburg
320 State Street
Hamburg, PA 19526


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