Connie DiMarco learned of Sailor’s Valentines in 2011. In the early 19th century (1830-1890) they were purchased by whaling sailors at one of their sea ports in Barbadoes and were brought back home as gifts for their loved ones. The framed designs were made of hundreds of tiny seashells. Patterns often featured a centerpiece such as a photo, flower, heart design, or sentimental message; hence, the name valentine.

Connie’s designs for Sailor’s Valentines try to highlight the beauty of each seashell. She finds the forms and colors of seashells she picks up and collects off of beaches fascinating. They offer many opportunities for one-of-a-kind works. The seashells she uses are all natural colors.

Connie is self-taught and has been making Sailor’s Valentines and other seashell art forms ever since 2011.

Work is currently displayed and is for sale in
The Art and Craft Gallery of Hamburg
320 State Street
Hamburg, PA 19526