Cindy and Joe are the owners of Diamond Decor. 

Cindy has 16+ years in the lighting, home decor and furniture industry. She is currently running the ecommerce department of a major lighting manufacturer. Her experience and devotion to her resale clients has earned her the respect from her peers. Cindy has a great insight to the lighting and decor industry and is a leader in her career. For those customers needing other selections Cindy is able to work with you on getting just the right items for your needs.

Joe (Cindy’s Husband) has recently left the public sector of his auto detailing business and is focused on the store operations. He brings a “everyday Joe” aspect to the business with his simple approach to life and willingness to take the time to listen to the customers needs. He doesn’t have the flair his wife has but his attention to detail that earned him the respect in his prior industry is carried over to the store.

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Hamburg, PA 19526 

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