It’s been our pleasure offering locally-sourced dairy, produce, and meat
to the Shoemakersville community since 2012!

We’ve been the community’s go-to shop for a fresh selection of produce, meat, and dairy since 2012. With a mission to support local and sustainable farming, we’re proud to stock our shelves with quality products from farms that are local to the Shoemakersville area. This way, customers can trust they’re purchasing products that are fresh, flavorful, and made with care. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful batch of eggs or you want to pick up one of our already-made sandwiches, you can trust you’ll find something delicious when you stop by Grube’s Dairy Store.

We have a variety of PA Preferred Products such as
Our Own Farm Fresh Milk & Chocolate Milk, Brown Eggs, Kefir, Cheese Curds, Butter, Mild/Sharp/Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Greek Yogurt.
We also carry Stotlzfus Meats( Grillers, Bacon, Smoked Sausage, Scrapple, Snack Sticks, Ring Bologna), Local Beef Burger & Bison Burger, Kunzler Meats, Variety of Meats & Cheeses in our Deli, Martin’s Potato Rolls/Bread, Pequea Valley Yogurt, Kombucha Tea/Pure Wild Teas, Variety of Salads, Kreider Drinks, Reading Draft Soda, Local Honey, Dieffenbachs Chips, Uncle Henry’s Pretzels, Unique Splitz, Baking Supplies, Pure Maple Syrup, Zook’s Meat Pies, Heisler’s Ice Cream (Half Gallons, Quarts, CMP Sundae’s, and Dixie Cups), Grube’s Baked Goods, Shady Mountain Baked Goods, Seasonal Produce, and much more!
Amish Origins Ointment Cream, Goats Milk Soap, Handmade Soaps
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233 Main Street
Shoemakersville, PA 19555

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