Photographer and Author

Unproofed Studio – for the non-compartmentalized intellect

Smash timeless imagination into now possibilities and the fused product is the Art of Unproofed Studio. The scope, the complexity and the range exceeds the techo-mechanical nature of  the photographic field, focus and view of the photographic manner and process. The common, the ordinary and the expected are not in the light of the images of Unproofed Studo – but the artsy and the wield also have no point of view.

The form and the fashion of Unproofed Studio’s Art is the best of human eyesight converted in the best of human insight. In effect, light is given a new light at Unproofed Studio.

Unproofed: Our Words & Images – Published Book

Work currently in:
The Gallery of Hamburg
335 State Street
Hamburg, PA 19526