A Hamburg native, Janet Barr learned the traditional fabric art of quilting from her grandmother. The blending of color and geometry provide ideas for more quilts than she will ever have time to make! She does all the piecing, appliquéing, and quilting for these pieces, and has been making quilts and wall-hangings since the 1960’s on the quilting frame her grandfather made for her grandmother.

Her design for an “Amish Dolls” quilt was published in Quilting Today magazine. Many of her quilts have won blue ribbons and Best of Show awards at fairs in Kutztown, Boyertown, Reading, Kempton, and Lenhartsville. Two of her quilts were accepted for display in the National Quilting Association’s Quilt Show in 1987, which was held that year at Lafayette College in Easton, PA.

Janet also enjoys oil painting. Although she used to work with many colors, it was quite by accident that she discovered the technique of using burnt umber on wood, and has specialized in that ever since. Spreading the paint over the surface and then lifting it off here and there with a brush dipped in turpentine, she works with it until the face or animal or bird takes form. Hundreds of these plaques have found homes all over the United States.

“I like to bring out the inner spirit of the subject: the lined face of an old Native American, the unblinking stare of an owl, the adoring eyes of a dog…”

            -Janet Barr


Work is currently displayed in
The Art and Craft Gallery of Hamburg
320 State Street
Hamburg, PA 19526

Goldfinches – Oil/Acrylic on Wood     Pressed Flowers in Frame