Jeff Kahn has devoted his life to the creation of fine works of art. As a native Pennsylvanian he has reached out to a rich pool of natural resources as inspiration for his kinetic sculpture. Implementing imperceptible currents of air to give movement to apparently immobile structures, Kahn creates an elegant balance of nature and art.

Kahn creates large kinetic outdoor pieces crafted from aluminum and stainless steel then balanced to grasp the slightest of air currents. Their spontaneous and unpredictable movement is soothingly mesmerizing. Indoor kinetic sculptures capture the same unseen motion with precise detail and symmetry, utilizing a wide range of materials as diverse as exotic woods, precious metals and gemstones.

Kahn was educated at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and, along with his strong background in engineering and his appreciation of nature, has perfected an individual style which is both inspiring and uplifting. Jeff Kahn Sculpture is the culmination of decades of fascination with beauty and movement expressed in art.


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