I have lived in the area for over 32 years, at the time I was relocated to the area for my job. I’ve been woodworking for over 25 years, it started as a hobby and taking classes from talented and renowned woodworkers to broaden and build my skills. I have made simple DIY projects to special customer orders for my family, relatives and for customers. My pieces are as far south as Atlanta, Georgia to as far north as Vermont. I love working with all type of lumber species. The smell of wood in the shop takes away all the stress of my fulltime job. I have been actively involved in another Art Gallery until its closure at the end of last year. It was a sad time, but I am pleased to be part of the Hamburg Arts Alliance. I have a Facebook page that anyone can visit @ A and J Wood Designs in New Ringgold, PA. I like making useful wood projects that are timeless and will last a life time, like cutting boards, raised display cutting boards, treasure boxes, Holiday trays, oven sticks, mobile butcher block islands, cabinets, entertainment center, benches, hutches, tables, stars, wine totes, crayon tables or whatever the customer desires. For the Joy of Wood.


Work is currently displayed in
The Art and Craft Gallery of Hamburg
320 State Street
Hamburg, PA 19526