Laurie Dykty is a native of Berks County, growing up in the outskirts of Plowville. She began creating many years ago but after retiring in 2020, having worked for the County of Berks for 30 years, has much more free time to do what she loves.  The idea for the “Fabric Graffiti” that she creates came from a piece of fabric purchased to make kitchen curtains. The fabric was black and white and resembled a chalkboard drawing.  The idea to randomly enhance the fabric using embroidery, beading, applique, watercolor pencils and/or other embellishments and mounting them on ​canvas has expanded to many other fabric designs  thus adding to an ever-growing fabric stash.  She attributes her creative side to an extremely talented family who is constantly building, repurposing, sewing, quilting or otherwise creating something new. 

Work is currently displayed in 
The Art and Craft Gallery of Hamburg
320 State Street
Hamburg, PA 19526