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The prints are neither matted nor framed. The dimensions given are for the image size and the titles under each image are not part of the print. Dimensions are listed height x width x depth (if applicable). They are mounted on foam core for secure shipping.

(Jan) “After the Storm – Corner of Third and Island” – 7-5/8 inches x 12-5/16 inches
(Feb) “Dauberville Barn by Moonlight” – 8-5/8 inches x 12-3/4 inches
(Mar) “Schauffler’s Dam Bridge, Kutztown” – 8-7/8 inches x 12-7/8 inches
(Apr) “Still Life: Study in Blue” – 10-3/8 inches x 13-1/8 inches
(May) “Winter Solace” – 8 inches x 11-1/4 inches
(Jun) “Alberlin Acres – Olde Route 22” – 8-3/8 inches x 11-1/4 inches
(Jul) “Everyday is Flag Day” – 8-3/16 inches x 12-1/2 inches
(Aug) “The Yellow Barn” – 8 inches x 11-1/2 inches
(Sep) “Pumpkins Bountiful” – 7-3/4 inches x 11-1/4 inches
(Oct) “Late Autumn Day – Mountain Road” – 8-1/8 inches x 11-1/4 inches
(Nov) “Front Porch” – 8-1/2 inches x 11-1/4 inches
(Dec) “Snow Comes Early to the Towpath” – 8 inches x 11-1/4 inches

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